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Effects of the EEG 2016

Effects of the reference draft of the EEG 2016 on the bid volume of land-based wind energy

The scenario calculations in this short study show that already a ceiling for renewable energies of 45% of gross power consumption –according to the plan of the German federal government- would lead to a very significant drop of land-based wind energy and therefore to a stagnation of an important technology for climate protection that could not be further expanded. Due to this limitation, after 2018 only 1,500 MW (gross) could be installed per year. That is less than half of the average of the last five years and would not be enough to replace all the older turbines until 2025. As a result, by the decade of 2020-30 it will come to a stagnation of power generation from land-based wind energy and the target of the German federal government could not be reached.

April 2016