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Meta-analysis: Perspectives of solid, liquid and gaseous bioenergy sources

Bioenergy – what significance does it have for the energy transition?

In December 2015, the world community in Paris decided to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. This has given a clear signal for the rapid decarbonisation of the energy sector, which can only succeed with a rapid and complete switch to renewable energies.


Further biomass demand for climate protection

Regulation proposals for Indirect Land Use Change

Biomass currently accounts for the biggest share of renewable energies in Germany and worldwide. It also plays an important role in the climate protection targets. At the same time, the environmental and climate effects that are related to the growth of biomass use are discussed very critically. The most important issue in this discussion is the increased demand on agricultural lands. The following contribution makes emphasis on the evaluation of direct and indirect land use effects and presents the current regulation proposals.

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